Who are the Calgary Mattress Makers?

The Calgary Mattress Makers are led by a man, Dean Halstead, who has a passion for building healthy and sustainable mattresses. Every mattress he makes is meticulously crafted to suit each one of his customers. Dean is a craftsman who founded Calgary’s first natural mattress business back in 1984. He is a veteran mattress specialist, motivated by perhaps the oldest “new idea” around: create a more natural mattress, tailored to the unique needs of each client.

Dean's History

Dean has always been dedicated to helping people. In his younger years, he trained as a Paramedic and worked as an EMT with the Calgary Fire Department. During this period, Dean honed his knowledge of the human body, his empathy, and his vision for helping people. These became important tools in building his larger passion: making mattresses with a focus on health and individual needs, as opposed to the store-bought ones that only looked pretty.

People quickly took notice, and his business grew exponentially. Soon after, Dean was running a mattress factory, building custom mattresses for the Canadian Sleep Institute and the Calgary Regional Health Authority. Thousands of tourists had the pleasure of sleeping on Dean’s natural mattresses at the Emerald Lake Lodge. His mattresses even dressed the sets of Hollywood films like Scrooged and Legends of the Fall.

After 15 very successful years in the business, Dean left to pursue his Bachelor of Arts degree in Law and Society at the University of Calgary. When he graduated, he embarked on a sailing adventure with his wife and children (four kids at that time, but they now have five). After school, sailing, and becoming a professional harp player, Dean took another look at the mattress industry. He discovered that many people were still sleeping on low-quality, high-priced mattresses, filled with harmful chemicals. They needed another option. They needed a Mattress Maker.

So Dean happily started all over again.