Canadian Mattress Craft's Manifesto

The mattress industry is based on an illogical model. Mattress companies create gratuitously thick, shiny pieces, built to look good under the showroom lights. Your mattress ought to be a health product, not a fashion product. In fact, some of the components added to showroom mattresses can be outright harmful.

The average conventional mattress is laden with petroleum-based chemicals, which you breathe in and absorb through your skin as you sleep. Given eight hours of sleep a night, that’s one-third of your life spent in close, intimate contact with toxic chemicals. Your health pays the price for your mattress being made without you in mind.

The conventional manufacturers are putting fashion ahead of function, sales ahead of health, and they are neglecting the true needs of their customers.

We started in this business because we were troubled by an industry built around delivering an inferior product. Department stores and showrooms profit by selling the illusion of choice – they actually only provide slight variations on one or two designs. And all of these “options” carry health risks due to the petrochemicals found in their foams, glues, and plastics.

Our ultimate goal is that hand-tied, chemical free mattresses become the norm. No one should have to worry about the off-gassing of volatile organic compounds in their child’s mattress. No one should have to purchase such an intimate item from a company who puts a higher price on showroom presentation than on a good night’s sleep. Once we create enough demand for responsibly made mattresses, the big guys in the industry will have little choice but to change to meet the new, ethical way of doing business.