Customized comfort

A mattress by Canadian Mattress Craft is a hand crafted piece, tailor-made for you, your body and your comfort. Pocket coils, latex, foams, gels – we will use all available non-toxic materials and technologies to ensure you get the most revitalizing and refreshing sleep possible.

We create mattresses that themselves can be revitalized and refreshed. That way, if your needs change due to injury, illness, or preference, we can adapt it for you. In fact, the entire mattress can be renewed, providing you with peace of mind for not contributing another mattress to the pile at the dump.

Sleep better, longer

Conventional mattresses use petrochemical based elements, like glues and foams, which turn brittle and dusty after a few years of use. Because mattresses made by Canadian Mattress Craft are hand-tied and use natural, often organic materials, you will get close to three times the life out of our mattresses.

When you buy a mattress from Canadian Mattress Craft, you can rest assured that every dollar spent is an investment in your continued sleep health. We work together to create your ideal solution. Rather than paying for the overhead of a conventional mattress showroom, your money simply goes toward getting you the rest you need.

Many clients have found the sleep of their dreams for under $2000. Find out how you can too. Book an appointment with The Mattress Maker today.